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Ryan Pugh

Ryan grew up in southeast Asia, spending time in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. His time overseas led to a cultural curiosity and a fondness for exploring local flavors in both food and drink. After moving back to the United States, these interests continued to grow, moving him around the midwest and the gulf coast, tasting his way across the country. With the help of a small boutique wine shop in Little Rock, Arkansas, he began to connect with people whose interests reflected his own.


Ryan has spent the past 17 years in retail, the past nine of which were in stores dedicated specifically to the wine and liquor industry. In this time, he began to gravitate toward the narrative behind the wines and the stories each bottle held. Eventually, the pull to full immersion into the product was too great, and he chose to make the switch from retail to distribution.


Favorite wine to sell: Au Bon Climat Pinot Gris/Pinot Blanc

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