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About Us

Pinnacle Imports has been established to satisfy the growing need in Missouri for the products of the finest iconic wineries from around the world. We provide you with a selection of exciting properties that aid in the expansion of the scope of your business. We have a unique combination of passion for, and knowledge of, our products. We offer extensive business experience in the industry, and a willingness to spend the time to educate the market. Our focus on the stars of today, and those of tomorrow, makes us uniquely suited to help our customers build awareness and fire enthusiasm for the finest wines. Because many of the wines we distribute are produced in tiny quantities, our enthusiastic and friendly staff works diligently to place wines where they will provide the highest levels of visibility and customer satisfaction. Pinnacle Imports offers a complete portfolio with a broad selection of domestic wines and to several top importers from each major wine producing country. We can put together an impressively deep wine list using only Pinnacle Imports products.

At Pinnacle Imports, we choose not to make the compromises inherent in distributors who deal with large production suppliers. We spend our energies working closely with the top restaurants, retailers, hotels, and private clubs in Missouri. Our frustration with the state of the wine business today is the abundance of multi-state distributors whose only purpose is the shipping of boxes from point A to point B. These entities consider their customers a means to maintain good relations with ‘big box’ wineries of the wine world. We believe that the relationship with the customer should be based on trust. Instead of packing our customers full of products unsuited to their market because we have “numbers to make,” we bring a portfolio consisting of 100% saleable wines. No tie-ins, no buy ten cases of this to get one of that. This commitment is the foundation of our business.

Service Excellence is our ultimate goal at Pinnacle Imports. We understand the nature of our customers’ business and have structured ourselves to best meet their needs. Delivery is available within twenty four hours for all customers. There is no broken case charge. Our sales force is on call at any time to satisfy the needs of our customers.

In the last few years, Pinnacle has conducted a radical overhaul of its systems and facilities to stay ahead of the competition. We invested heavily in modern, cloud based software systems which allow for in depth reporting to our suppliers. Suppliers can request a password and log in and dig deeply into the data on their products. And in 2019, after 20 years in the business, Pinnacle was able to design and build a state of the art, green warehouse facility that will give them space to grow in the 2020s and beyond. This new facility boasts a full climate control system with the latest high efficiency equipment and 65 KW of solar generation to ensure that Pinnacle is a net producer of energy over the course of a year.

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