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Amy Simpson

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Sometimes, the best way to get things done is to just leap in. When Amy joined Pinnacle Imports in 2004, she came with a wealth of hospitality and operations knowledge, but the specifics of wine distribution were new. Nonetheless, her can-do attitude and excitement about new challenges gave her the drive to leap right in and find the best ways to bring her own experience to the table for the benefit of her customers. Prior to joining Pinnacle, she spent seven years as a corporate restaurant manager with Brinker International, opening Chili’s locations across the southeast region of the country. Her natural sense of hospitality, customer service and education have been the key to her success in sales. 

Amy is a natural teacher and thrives on making wine accessible to customers and wine lovers at every level. Her own knowledge has been enhanced through her travels to major wine regions in Italy, France, Spain and the United States. In her typical fashion, her favorite way of traveling is to get herself somewhere and begin wandering, allowing her own curiosity and sense of humor to lead her into vineyards, cellars, and wineries she finds along the way. She loves bringing those stories back to St. Louis to share with friends and clients, developing everyone’s excitement about wine and vineyards. 

Connecting with people of all backgrounds is the driver of Amy’s successful tenure with Pinnacle Imports.  Building strong relationships with her clients, their teams and customers, and the winemakers she represents separates her from her competitors.

Favorite wine to sell - Ojai 


Favorite wine to drink -  She loves white Burgundy and Champagne. In her glass right now: Bereche Brut Reserve.

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