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Curtis Reis

Curtis Reis is a lifelong professional in the wine and spirits industry. His passion for wine and food began in the early eighties at Safeway as a wine specialist. Ten years later he joined David Berkley Fine Wines & Specialty Foods. David Berkley served as wine consultant to the White House for the Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton administrations. In 1996 a change of scenery was in order, so Curtis relocated from California to Missouri and was married in 1997.  Enthusiastic to continue sharing his enjoyment of wine and food, Curtis immediately started working for a small family-owned distributors, A. Bommarito Wines, and Pinnacle Imports selling wine.

The wine journey continued in 2008 when Curtis left the local scene to become Field Manager- Supplier Representative for Billington Wines and later A. Bommarito Wines managing ten states. The wine road that never ends brought Curtis back to the Central Coast of California representing The Miller Family wines in 20 states.

After knowing Rudi Wiest for 30 years and been imbibing in his wonderful wines of Germany since the 1980’s, Curtis called Rudi in July of 2018 and they created a position representing Rudi Wiest Selections in the Midwest and Southern States. “In my career I have been fortunate to travel to and  represent wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and the United States. Rudi’s Portfolio is truly the finest collection of German Estates that one will find anywhere. Introduced to Rudi’s German wines in the 1980’s now returned to promote these wines again.”

The closing of Rudi Wiest Wines in 2020 has brought Curtis back to his beginnings in Missouri, Pinnacle Imports.  Curtis stated, “With the best book in Missouri, I am looking forward to the launch of this new division” “It’s like The Band has reunited for one long last tour.”

When not selling or educating people about wine Curtis and his wife Faraby enjoy hosting wine dinners, roasting coffee, Bonsai and keeping up with his girls.  Curtis Reis resides in Missouri with his wife and three daughters whose middle names are Sancerre, Shea and Serene.

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