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Bridget Deptula

Bridget Deptula is a sales professional whose career journey has taken her through an interesting evolution.  Starting her career in the captivating world of wine and spirit sales, Bridget quickly developed a profound appreciation for the craft and culture of fine beverages.   Driven by a thirst for new challenges, Bridget transitioned into the fast-paced realm of technology sales.  Armed with her consultative approach to selling, adaptability and commitment to excellence, she seamlessly integrated her expertise from the wine and spirits industry into the tech sector.  Throughout her tenure in technology sales, Bridget’s accomplishments included forging strategic partnerships, breaking revenue records, and consistently delivering value-driven solutions.  Bridget’s journey came full circle as she returned to her roots in the wine and spirits arena.  Equipped with a wealth of experience and an arsenal of skills acquired from her tenure in technology sales positioned her as a trusted partner within the chain accounts division of Pinnacle Imports.

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