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Keith Herrick


Keith Herrick became a wine enthusiast after receiving Wine for Dummies as a gift for his 21st Birthday.  Since then, he has pursued wine as a hobby and career.  Keith is a Certified Educator of Wine (CWE) and an Advanced Sommelier.  He is currently working on passing his Master Sommelier Exam, which consists of three portions; theory, tasting and service. Keith is one of a small number of candidates to pass the tasting portion of the exam on his first attempt, and currently only has service left to complete.  When not studying for the exam, one can often find Keith cooking, or eating and drinking with friends.


Keith started his professional career in the restaurant industry, but switched to wine retail to more fully immerse himself in wine.  In 2008, after becoming the youngest Advanced Sommelier in Missouri, he changed direction again and began working for a local wholesale distributor.  In 2013, to broaden his industry experience, Keith took a position at Domaine Wine Storage, where he oversaw importing fine wine from Europe, managed clients’ wine collections and brokered auction sales. Over the years, Keith had crossed paths with Bill Kniep and Pinnacle Imports many times, and in 2019 he took a sales position with the distributor.

Favorite wine to sell -  Arnaud Lambert Saumur Breze Clos de Midi


Favorite wine to drink - Patrick Piuze Cotes d’Auxerre (or any of his Terroir Series)

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