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Toni Bertucci-Ashe


Toni Bertucci Ashe, KC Sales has been with Pinnacle Imports since Sept 1, 2011. Originally from Glendale, CA (right outside downtown LA) born to foodie & wine loving parents- it was never a surprise when she started in the restaurant industry at the age of 14. For the next 23 years, Toni worked every position in a restaurant you could work except own it. Favorite spots: Youngest restaurant manager in Universal Studios history, which taught her about working in a high-volume, fast paced environment. Piero Salvaggio’s Valley restaurant Posto in the early 90’s, The Wild Fork in Tulsa, Hannahs Bistro, Frondizi’s, Swizzle, & Rm39. Moving on to her next chapter, Toni started as a sales rep for a small MO distributor in 2009 and really took to life “on the streets”. Her passion for wine & spirits, as well has the love of helping people, has helped her double her territory. Toni always says that Pinnacle Imports was her favorite book to buy from and now to sell it? Heaven. Not to mention all the continuing education Bill & Liz provide for the team.  

Toni and her husband Mel justbought their first house a few years back in Raytown, MO with their four-legged children:Remington, Zee-Zee, & Dixie.



Favorite wine to sell -  "there isn’t just one....Parducci- veritably correct across the board, perfect for by the glass, and the greenest winery in CA.  Abbazia di Novacella Kerner- surprises people every time, and Marietta OVR Red amazing family run winery and CA’s first marketed red blend.


Favorite wine to drink -  Summer 2020? All of it…just kidding.  Firrato Rosato is one of her favorite rosés this year..

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